A Small Business Microcosm: Willimansett, Massachusetts in the 1960's

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by Van Jones
ISBN-10: 0061650765

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Chicopee: 1950-1975
by Stephen R. Jendrysik
ISBN-10: 0738576611

Chicopee Illustrated - 1896
by Transcript Publishing Company
This link is to a PDF file of the rare volume in the University of Massachusetts collection. The Willimansett chapter begins on Page 69, and includes references to many early residents who have been memorialized by Willimansett street names or landmarks, including Pendleton, Chapin, Skeele, Tourtelotte, and Bemis. The section regarding the political battle behind the construction of the Willimansett Bridge is especially interesting, particularly in reference to the arguments today against expenditures for the bridge’s necessary repairs.

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